2018 Board of Trustees
President – Barbara Muzzio
Vice President – Ruth Spellman
Treasurer – Nicholas Galante
Secretary – Yvette McBain, Representative for Superintendent of Schools
Council Liaison – Melissa Florance-Lynch
Gillian Hettinger, Ph.D.
Anita Daniel

Library Board meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7:30 pm, at the library.

Library Staff

Director: Debbie Maynard, debbie.maynard@pequannocklibrary.org 
Assistant Director & Head of Adult Services: Nicholas Jackson, nicholas.jackson@pequannocklibrary.org 
Head of Children’s Services: Jessica Moskowitz,  jess.moskowitz@pequannocklibrary.org
Head of Circulation: Linda Stockinger, linda.stockinger@pequannocklibrary.org