Borrowing Policies

All patrons must have either a library card or smart phone app (Key Ring or Stocard) in order to check out items.

As of May 9, 2016, the outside book drop is now located under the library entrance portico. 

Loan Periods

General Books: 28 days
New Books: 14 or 28 days
Travel Books: 14 days
Holiday Books: 28 days

Audio Visual
CDs: 14 days
Books on  CD: 14 days
CD-ROMs: 14 days                                                                                                                                                        Read Alongs: 14 days    

Videos and DVDs
New Entertainment DVDs (under 3 months): 2 days, $1.00 charge
DVDs: 7 days, no charge

Magazines (back issues): 14 days
Nooks: 28 days, $2.00 per day late fee


*If there is a classroom assignment, we may need to hold materials aside for student use.


Materials may be renewed providing no other patron is waiting. Renewals can be made when you are at the library, by telephone (973-835-7460 ext. 4), or online with your library card and PIN number. You can access the library catalog to renew your materials here.


Some of the books you want will be in use by other readers, or on order. Please place a hold on materials that are not on our shelf when you are at the library, by telephone (973-835-7460 ext. 4), or online with your library card and PIN number. You can access the library catalog to place holds on materials here. We will call, email, or text you when it is your turn for the item. Because we want to know what you want to read, it helps the library when books are put on hold.

Some items may not be reserved.

Pequannock Residents – Your Library Card

Any resident of Pequannock, business or property owner (Pequannock taxpayer), or student of a Pequannock school is entitled to a free library card. A non-resident who is employed in Pequannock is entitled, after showing proof of employment, to a library card at no charge for one year, which is renewable.

There is a small fee of $1.00 to replace a lost library card.

Children are entitled to sign up for their own library card when they are enrolled in kindergarten.


Patrons whose home libraries are in Morris County can use their library cards to borrow items from the Pequannock Library.

Interlibrary Loan

Some books, of interest to only a few readers, may not be purchased by our library. We are able to obtain books from other libraries for you. We will call, email, or text you when the book you requested has arrived for you to pick up at the Pequannock Library.

When we extend the search to non-public libraries and libraries out of state, there may be a postage and handling charge incurred to obtain the item.  Most items can be sent via interlibrary loan at no charge.  A few libraries also charge for the service of loaning a book, but this is rare; in these cases we ask you to cover the cost.

In cases where we request photocopies of documents for you, we may be charged for the copies and would ask you to cover the cost.

Open Borrowing

As a MAIN cardholder, you have borrowing privileges at Open Borrowing partner libraries:
• MAIN, the consortium of Morris County libraries
• PALS Plus, the consortium of Passaic County libraries
• LMxAC, the consortium of Middlesex County libraries
• Sussex County Library
• Warren County Library
• Sparta Public Library
• Hunterdon County Library

As of January 1, 2015: If you have a library card from a MAIN library, you will no longer have borrowing privileges at BCCLS libraries through the Open Borrowing program.

Library Book Drop

As of May 9, 2016, the outside book drop is now located under the library entrance portico. The outside library book drop is only unlocked and available when the library is closed. During our opening hours, the outside book drop is locked, and all materials must be returned inside in our circulation desk book drop. No media items or personal donations are allowed in our outside book drop. 

Fine Schedule

Please return the items you borrow on time so that others will have the chance to borrow them. A fine is charged for items not returned on time.

Fines are as follows:

Adult Items:

Entertainment video and all entertainment DVDs: $2 per day
Instructional video: 10 cents a day
Other adult materials: 10 cents per day
Other children’s materials: 10 cents per day

Maximum Fines:

When overdue materials are returned, the maximum fines are per item:

Adult Items:

Hardcover Adults’ Book: $5
Paperback Book (Adults or Children): $5
Magazine: $5
Audio Visual Materials (all types, adult and children): $5
Hardcover Children’s Books: $5
Lost or Damaged Book or Item: Price of item or replacement cost.

A patron is responsible for all materials charged out on his/her card. Parents or guardians are responsible for all materials charged out by their children. Damages, beyond reasonable wear, will be assessed by the library. Materials that are lost or damaged will be charged to the patron.

No materials may be borrowed if the fine/bill record for a patron is $5.00 or more

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