Quaranzine: Call for Submissions

Zine : MAGAZINE especially : a noncommercial often homemade or online publication usually devoted to specialized and often unconventional subject matter (Merriam Webster)

Quaranzine : a portmanteau of QUARANTINE and ZINE

The Library is accepting submissions to Quaranzine, a collection of creative works from our community that document how we responded to this strange time we find ourselves in. Please submit here!

All ages are welcome and encouraged to submit work; content should be appropriate for a wide audience.

Join us in making a publication about the specialized and unconventional subject matter of the current pandemic! We want to showcase your art in a digital zine where you can express and share your COVID-19 and social distancing stories. Use the form below to submit your artwork – but first, check out the rules:

Submission Rules:

1. It must be art.

You decide what that is! Here are some ideas:
Short stories (max. 500 words)
Drawings or paintings – Physical (photographed or scanned) or digital (using Photoshop or some other software)
Sculptures – well, photos of sculptures. Sorry, we haven’t yet figured out how to display actual sculptures online!
Comic strips/cartoons
Mixed media – maybe you want to write a poem and illustrate it, too!
Really the only things we cannot accept at this time are music and videos – anything that moves. Sorry!

2. It must be related to the current COVID-19 crisis and our social distancing actions to limit its spread.
This is also very open to interpretation! Want to make art about the global effects of this pandemic? Go for it! Want to make art about your personal frustration trying to buy bananas? Do it!

3. It must be your own work.
This is an important one! We want to give credit where credit is due, so if you use someone else’s art in your art, make sure you get permission from the artist first! We also want to make sure that any people who are recognizable by name or by face in your work has given you permission to use their name/image – with the exception of public figures like celebrities. For images, please include the person’s name in the caption.

4. Keep it family friendly!
People of all ages are welcome to submit works and while your work doesn’t have to be intended for young audiences in particular, please keep it PG!

5. You can submit multiple times, but we can only include up to 2 pieces per person.

6. By submitting your work, you give us permission to reproduce it in our Quaranzine.
The artwork is still yours to do with as you please outside of our Quaranzine. We will not use it for anything else and we’ll never try to sell it.

7. Have fun!