Library Policies

The Pequannock Township Public Library endeavors to provide a safe, quiet place for all who wish to read, study, research, write, select books to read, and consult with library staff. Those using the library are entitled to enjoy a library atmosphere – a calm, quiet space, free from distraction – and have an implicit obligation to contribute to the maintenance of that atmosphere. The Library Board of Trustees, in establishing this policy, endeavors to identify consequences for behaviors that are in opposition to the purposes for which the library is provided.

1. Anyone who enters the library is expected to pursue library-related activities quietly, with a minimum of disturbance to others.
2. Certain behaviors that may be appropriate outside of the library are not acceptable in the library setting. The behaviors and activities listed below have been determined, through tradition and experience, to be inappropriate and are prohibited. Below this policy is a copy of the established rules and regulations of the Pequannock Township Public Library (“Rules and Reminders for Library Behaviors”).

Staff Role:
The librarians and support personnel are employed to serve the legitimate reference, information and pleasure reading needs of the public; they are not social workers, police, or daycare providers. If a patron seems to be placing a staff member in the position of providing a non-library-related function, the staff member may bring the interaction to a prompt conclusion.

Staff Enforcement Procedure:
A staff member observing a violation of the library’s rules shall approach the patron observed violating the policy courteously, tell the patron that the behavior is unacceptable, and ask the patron to refrain from the behavior.

If the behavior continues, the staff member may approach the patron a second time, reiterate the relevant policy, and warn that he/she may be asked to leave the library. If the behavior is so disruptive or if the staff member believes a second warning is inappropriate under the circumstances, the staff person need not approach the patron a second time. In the event the patron does not cease the behavior, the staff member is to direct the patron to leave the library immediately. If the patron refuses to leave, the staff member may warn the patron that he/she has no choice but to call the police or may call the police without warning if deemed appropriate. The staff member shall meet the police officer at the door (or a second staff member shall be alerted to meet the police) to instruct the officer that an individual has been asked to leave the library and has refused to do so. Any adult library employee is empowered to enforce this behavior policy. Anyone ejected under enforcement of this policy may not re-enter the library that day and up to an additional seven (7) days. A suspension of longer than seven (7) days is covered under the “Suspension Policy and Procedure.”

Child Policy:
The library welcomes children to use its facilities and services. However, the responsibility for the care, safety, and behavior of children using the library rests with the parent/guardian or caregiver and not with the library staff members. Public Libraries, by their nature, are subject to “stranger danger” and are not necessarily safe for unattended children.

Children 11 years of age and younger shall not be left unattended in the library under any circumstances. They must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or caregiver. Parents/guardians, if delegating their responsibilities to a caregiver, must ensure the caregiver is a responsible person of a suitable age.
A parent/guardian or caregiver must remain with the child during the entire time period in the library, and must directly supervise the child.

Library staff members may contact the Department of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) or other authorities, such as the Pequannock Police Department, in the event a child eleven (11) years of age or under is left unattended in the library, or the parent/guardian or caregiver fails to directly supervise the child; for example, by leaving the child alone in the Children’s Room.

In the case of children over eleven (11), parents may be notified, at the determination of the Library Director or a senior staff member, if an unaccompanied minor’s behavior in the library is a problem.
Children are subject to the same rules of conduct as other patrons and are subject to the same consequences, including being asked to leave the library.

DYFS, or other authorities, such as the Pequannock Police Department, may be contacted in the event of a minor left unaccompanied in the library for an extended period of time.

At library closing time, or in the event of an early closing due to inclement weather, etc., if unattended children are still in the building, the Pequannock Police Department will be called to take custody of the children. Two staff members must stay with the child until he/she is in the custody of an appropriate caretaker.

Suspension Policy and Procedure:
Any patron ejected through the procedure explained in the Staff Enforcement Procedure section may be subject to a longer suspension for habitual improper behavior.

Suspension from the library means that the patron may not enter the library for any reason or be present on outdoor library property. If the suspended patron enters the library or is on the property outside the library, the police will be called to remove the patron and the patron may be subject to criminal charges. In addition, other library privileges, such as the use of the Pequannock Twp. Public Library Card at the library, will be suspended.

The Library Director, Assistant Director, or next Person In Charge may suspend a violator’s library privileges, including the right to enter the library, for a period of time greater than (7) days for repeat offenders or egregious behavior.

The Monitor may suspend for one (1) day.

The offending patron must provide his/her name and address to the Library Director or other Person in Charge, including the Monitor. Written notice will be sent to the patron or, in the case of a minor, to the patron’s parents, with a date upon which the suspension will go into effect and a date upon which the suspension will end. In the case of a minor, a parent or guardian must meet with the Library Director or Assistant Director prior to the child being permitted to return to the library. The Library Director or Assistant Director may request the presence of a police officer during this meeting if he or she deems it necessary for safety and welfare. This re-admission to the library meeting shall take place at the library but may also be held in Town Hall or at the Police Station in the presence of a police officer when appropriate.

In the event of a suspension greater than seven (7) days, the patron may appeal the decision to the Library Board of Trustees or a Committee of the Library Board of Trustees designated by the Library Board.

The patron must provide written notice that he/she is requesting a suspension hearing. The written notice may be mailed or hand delivered to the main desk of the library. If written notice requesting a hearing is received, a suspension hearing before the Library Board of Trustees or a Committee of the Library Board of Trustees designated by the Library Board will be convened as soon as practicable.

If written notice requesting a hearing is not received, or is received after the effective date of the suspension, the suspension will automatically go into effect upon the date stated in the notice from the library.

Children After School:
Students are not to congregate in the front entrance porch, blocking access to the library by patrons.

No running, skateboarding, roller blading, playing, throwing, jumping, jostling or loitering. No bad language, harassing of other students and library patrons or restricting others’ access to the library.

Be considerate of all library patrons, especially senior citizens and parents with baby carriages.

No defacing or damaging library property, including the garden.

When using the library, bicycles should be parked in the bike rack.

Bikes may not be left in the entrance-way, walkways, or vestibule. Bicycles are not to be left in the rack during the school day or overnight.

Parking Lot:

No queuing up adjacent to the entrance of the library for pick-ups. No stopping or standing. No blocking of entrance.

Please pick up children in the lot on the side nearest to the school and have children come to your car from the school.

Follow the arrows and cones when entering and exiting the parking lot.

Drive slowly and cautiously. Unfortunately, there have been incidents in the library parking lot due to careless driving or children running in the lot, so you need to be alert to what others are doing.


Pequannock Township Public Library
Rules and Reminder for Library Behaviors

The library is a quiet place. Anyone who enters the library is expected to pursue library-related activities quietly, without disturbing others.

The library is not an after-school daycare center or hang out. It does not provide individual supervision or act in loco parentis. Parents need to make other arrangements for that.

Library staff have the right to ask for a minor’s name, their parent’s phone number, or to accompany them to school to meet with the Principal or Assistant Principal.

The library is here for everyone. Senior citizens, parents with small children, and library users doing serious research or private quiet reading have the right to use the library without annoyance or disruption.

Library Rules:

1. Cell phone use is not allowed in the library. Cell phones may only be used outside the library or in the vestibule (brick room between entrance doors). Keep doors closed and voice low.

No audible use of iPods, personal music players, or other electronic devices.

2. Use proper and respectful language in the library. Maintain a respectful attitude toward others. Keep your voice low and private.

3. No noise-making, including loud talking, whistling, humming, yelling, tapping, clicking.

4. Backpacks and personal items must be kept with you. They should not create a hazard or obstacle by being in the aisle. No one should touch another person’s backpack. Theft and vandalism will be reported to the Township Police Department.

5. No eating or drinking in the library. No carrying of open food or beverage containers.

6. Inappropriate behaviors include:

Misuse of restrooms.
Sitting on library tables or improperly or unsafely on chairs. One person to a chair.
Interfering with others’ use of the library.
Blocking another’s way.
Violence or verbal threat of violence.
Bringing roller blades, bicycles, scooters, or skateboards inside the library.
Throwing of anything.
Running inside the library.
Viewing inappropriate sites on library computers.

7. No use of library’s phones except in case of emergency. Arrangements for rides home need to be made before the child comes to the library.

8. At library closing time, or in the event of an early closing due to inclement weather, the Police Department will be called to take custody of unattended children left at the library.

Pequannock Twp. Public Library Wi Fi Policy

The Pequannock Library now has free wireless access for your wireless-enabled laptop!

In making our Adult Department a Wi Fi Hot Spot, we hope to make the Library an even more valuable resource for our users.

A number of things you’ll need to know before logging on:

1) You should bring your own laptop to the library with a fully charged battery. We can’t provide laptops, network cards, or any hardware or software. There are floor outlets under several tables. If these are available, you are welcome to use them. For safety reasons, please don’t run power cords along the floor. Building codes don’t allow this because it presents a tripping hazard. Floor outlets are not surge protected. Don’t have your own laptop? No problem! You can still use the internet from our public access stations. Wi-Fi is a service for those peripatetic users who come equipped – have laptop will travel!

2) You’ll need to know how your laptop and Wi-Fi card work. Briefly in order to use our hot spot, your wireless device must be equipped with 802.11b or 802.11g wireless networking. Although our Wi-Fi access is compatible with most laptops equipped with Wi-Fi capability, we cannot guarantee that all laptops will be compatible with our wireless internet service. And although we wish it were otherwise, library staff are not computer experts, and cannot trouble shoot problems or provide Wi-Fi training.

3) We’re happy to provide assistance in using the internet, but only on the Library’s public access stations. If you bring your own laptop, you’re on your own (see 8 and below).

4) Our Wi-Fi hotspot is located in the adult department. If you are having trouble accessing or staying connected, try another part of this area, Signal strength may vary in the building. Although our cable provider will endeavor to provide a strong signal in this designated area, it cannot guarantee that the service will be available at any specific time or place.

5) Like other fee Wi-Fi hotspots, this wireless network is not secure. Information sent from or to your laptop can theoretically be captured by someone with an appropriate wireless device and the necessary software. Although such captures are rare, they are possible. Therefore, you may want to refrain from accessing banking, brokerage, and other secure sites while using the Library’s Wi-Fi. You, as the user , assume all responsibility for the consequences of hacking or other malfeasance.
Please review item 10 below.

6) With Wi-Fi use, there is no printing capability in the Library. If you wish to print results of internet searches, etc., please save your work on your laptop or email it to yourself to print out at home or work.

7) Laptop users must use (and provide) their own headphones while listening to audio files.

8) The Library is a public place, and is governed by community standards of propriety. It is the responsibility of the user to refrain from disruptive, inappropriate, or illegal activities.

9) Parents are responsible for their children’s use of any laptop or other wireless device on out Wi-Fi network.

10) The fine print: The Library assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment or for laptop configurations, security, or data files. It assumes no responsibility for damage, theft, or loss of any kind to a user’s equipment, software, data files, or other personal property brought into or used at the Library.
The Library shall be held harmless against all claims, actions, and judgments based on or arising from patrons’ use of wireless network in the Library.

This service may not be used as a permanent connection. 

Public Access Computer and Internet Use Policy

In its mission to provide free and equal access to materials, information, technology, cultural and educational experiences, and resources in order to educate, inform, and empower all of its community members, the Library extends access to information and media by offering pubic Internet access, public access computers, online research databases, applications, and printing.

Terms of Use:
• Library personnel have no control over the quality of information on the Internet. Each user must consider the validity and reliability of the information found.
• Parents or guardians, NOT the Library or its staff, are responsible for Internet information selected and/or accessed by their children.
• The Library reserves the right to end an Internet session.
• The Library is a public place, and is governed by community standards of propriety. It is the responsibility of the user to refrain from disruptive, inappropriate, or illegal activities.
• Users are expected to use computer resources in a considerate, ethical, and legal manner.
• Software programs may not be installed on any computer.
• Users may not change the configuration of computer hardware or software.
• There is a fee for the use of Library Printers. The fee is posted on or near each printer.
• Users may not save their personal files on public terminals.
• The Library cannot guarantee the privacy of data or computer usage.
• Patrons assume responsibly for their personal devices.
• Patrons accept financial responsibility for any damage they cause to Library property.

Requirements for Use:
• Patrons must have a current library card or obtain a guest pass at the Adult Services Desk.
• Sessions have time limits.
• Public Access Computers in the Children’s Room are to be used only by children or adults who are accompanying a child.

Laptop Users:
Patrons are welcome to provide their own laptop computers for use within the Library. Users must abide by the Library
Public Access Computer and Internet Use Policy when accessing the Internet. Headphones must be used while listening to audio files.

Child Pornography:
Be aware that viewing child pornography is against the law, N.J.S.A. 2C:24-4 (4) (b). The Library cooperates fully in any criminal investigation, including making information from the computer hard drive available to law enforcement authorities.