Meeting Room

Pequannock Library Meeting Room Policy

The Pequannock Township Public Library Meeting Room is available to Pequannock Township based organizations. The following is a list of guidelines for booking the Meeting Room and its use.

A. Reserving the Meeting Room:
1. It is suggested that organizations apply 30 days in advance of the date they would like to use the Meeting Room, if possible.
2. Bookings will be taken within 4 months of the date requested.
3. Under normal circumstances, the Meeting Room will be made available to an organization once a month.
4. Reservations will be made on a first come, first served basis and are assigned in order of receipt of the Library’s application form and deposit.
5. Repeated Use: An organization may schedule repeated (once a month) use of the Meeting Room for up to 3 consecutive months at a time. After 3 months, if no other organization has scheduled use of the room, the organization may reserve for an additional 3 months. This is to ensure equal access for all groups in the community.
6. The Library Board reserves the right to restrict and limit the use of the Meeting Room. All applications are subject to review by the Board of Trustees.
7. Chaperones: The library requires organizations sponsoring programs for children to provide chaperones who must be present in the room and responsible for their welfare and behavior. A general guideline is 10 children per chaperone. However, the library reserves the right to require additional chaperones as it deems necessary. All chaperones must be 21 years of age or older.

B. Eligible Applicants – Who May Make Reservations: (Click here for meeting room application)
Applicants must be Pequannock Township Organizations with a Pompton Plains or Pequannock address and must be 21 years of age or older. 

C. Fees:
There is a $50 refundable fee for Township based non-profit organizations, see group #3, E below. Payment must be made at the time the reservation is made. This will be refunded if the room is vacated on time (9:00 PM) and is left in an acceptable condition (Please see J- Set up and Clean up.).

D. Non-Profit Use:
Applicants must be non-profit organizations. Applications will not be accepted for business or commercial use.

E. Priority of Bookings:
1. Library Board of Trustees business and Library sponsored programs.
2. Friends of the Library sponsored programs.
3. Township based non-profit organization meetings.

F. Hours Available:
The Library Meeting Room is available during the hours that the Library is open. The Meeting Room will not be open if Sunday hours are in effect.

G. Maximum Occupancy.
90 persons.

H. Equipment:
Organizations are required to supply their own equipment. No dishes, silverware, paper goods, etc. will be provided. Likewise, the library cannot store supplies of any organization. Staff equipment, dishes and food are not available for use.

I. Refreshments:
Light refreshments may be brought in. No cooking is allowed.

J. Set up & Clean Up:
1. The organization is responsible for set up and clean up which must be completed during the reserved time. Failure to complete clean up by closing time or to leave on time will result in forfeiture of deposit. The person who signs the
application for the use of the room is the person responsible for set up and clean up.
2. Set up must not interfere with Library operations.
3. All furniture must be replaced to the original format prior to the group’s departure.
4. The organization is responsible for setting up tables, chairs and any specialized equipment, and for restoring the original arrangement upon the conclusion of the meeting.
5. All refuse must be disposed of in containers provided. Tables must be clean, wiped down. All tables and chairs must be returned to the original format prior to the group’s departure.
6. If your group is meeting in the evening, keep in mind the time when the Library closes. You will need to adjourn your meeting in time for clean up to be completed prior to the Library’s closing.

The Board of Trustees reserves the right to deny any organization the privilege of reserving the Meeting Room if it determines that past users have left the room in an unacceptable condition or has caused damage to the facility, including the kitchen.

K. Decorations:

  • No modifications to the facility are permitted.
  • No tape or tacks may be used.
  • Decorations or equipment must be removed at the end of the time period that the organization has booked. In the event that this is not completed, removal will be made by library staff and the deposit will not be refunded.

L. Damages to Meeting Room:
The organization is responsible for any damage to the Meeting Room and will be billed accordingly. Organizations are asked to please inspect the room before and after usage.

M. Noise:
Noise levels must be kept at a reasonable volume in accordance with the Library’s Patron Conduct Guidelines.
If the Meeting Room is subdivided please be considerate of the other occupant and keep noise level low.

N. Inclement Weather/Emergencies:
The Meeting Room is open only if the Library is open. If the Library is closed due to inclement weather or another emergency condition, the Meeting Room will be closed. If the weather is questionable, the person booking the room for the organization should call the Library to verify that it will be open and inform its membership accordingly.

General Rules:
1. The Pequannock Library may not be identified as a sponsor or as the organization’s address.
2. Permission to meet at the Library does not in any way constitute the Library’s endorsement of the
organization’s policies or beliefs.
3. Alcoholic beverages may not be served in the Meeting Room.
4. No smoking is allowed anywhere in the Library, including the rest rooms.
5. The Library is not responsible for any property left in the Meeting Room.
6. Persons attending meetings must wear shoes and shirts. Proper attire is required.