As a courtesy to our patrons, the Pequannock Township Public Library offers free notary service. Please call 973-835-7460 in advance to be sure there is someone on staff who can notarize your document. Notary services will not be available during all of our opening hours, and our services are dependent on the scheduling of our staff who serve as public notaries. Because careful records are kept for even the most simple notarial session, please allow at least ten to fifteen minutes for each session. Important note: we do NOT offer copy certifications.

Valid photo ID is required for notary service. A current driver’s license, non-driver ID issued by the Motor Vehicle Commission, a United States or foreign passport, a United States military ID, and a green card are all acceptable forms of valid ID.

Please do not to sign your document in advance, as the type of notarization necessary may require that you sign in the presence of the notary. All blanks in a document must be filled in before notarization, with “n/a” if not applicable.

Our library does not supply witnesses. If your document requires witnesses, please bring them with you. Make sure they have proper identification with them as well.

Notaries cannot provide legal advice or counseling regarding your documents. We will, however, explain to you the difference between taking an oath or affirmation, and an acknowledgement, so that you can make the best choice of notarization if your document has no notarial wording.

Library notaries reserve the right to decline service for any reason. Service will be declined if the document, the identification, or the capacity of the signer to understand the proceedings raises any questions of authenticity, or if the notary does not understand the language of the document. Notary laws are detailed in the New Jersey Notary Public Manual.